“Say it with a story”, - The Adventures of Nils

Say it with a fairy tale
The Adventures of Nils

Author: Maria Papayanni
Illustrated by Myrto Delivoria


“Say it with a story”, because there’s more than one way of saying everything.

Nils was an ill-mannered and lazy boy who treated people and animals badly. Flying for an entire year with the wild geese, he will have amazing adventures and will come back wiser. Full of love for all creatures living together on the same planet; so far and so close.

Over one hundred years ago, the Swedish Academy had an original and bold idea. They asked some of the country’s important authors to write reading primers for primary education schools. Lagerfeld responded with “The Wonderful Adventures of Nils Holgersson”. A fairytale, in other words, rather than a boring, didactic textbook. A story that combines poetry with adventure, knowledge with imagination. Through a constant succession of images, children get to know the beauty of their country and to travel to its most remote parts.

Above all, though, the book is a thrilling adventure. Flying through the air, little Nils learns to appreciate the simplest things and enjoy every single moment. He discovers the joy of life, the joy of sharing, helping others, fighting and winning. He becomes a free person.


The Dream Thief

The Dream Thief

Author: Maria Papayanni
Illustrated by Alessandra Toni


There was once a time when. people still knew how to walk into each other's dreams; when the Three Ancient Sisters stood by a newborn infant's bedside to weave its fortune; when the souls of men were bound to the shadows of trees; when he heard better and saw more clearly; when miracles still happened. The author revisits the lost land of myth and legend to bring back three magical, archetypal fairy tales. Three tales about young people who must undergo a long journey, trials and hardship to taste the very essence of life and to discover the meaning of their own existence.



I Want To Win!

I Want To Win!

Author: Maria Papayanni
Illustrated by Eve Tharlet


First edition published simultaneously in English/French/German by Minedition Nothing’s worse than always getting beaten by your little brother! He can even eat faster! But as Mrs Beaver tells Sammy, tomorrow is another day. And who would have guessed how that day would turn out?



Christmas Topsy-Turvy

Christmas Topsy-Turvy

Author: Maria Papayanni
Illustrated by Petros Christoulias


It’s not that important from where you see the sun and the moon. What is important is wanting to understand the world. Under the earth lives a little boy, ever so different from all the other boys on earth. An imp, ever so different from the other imps, as well. He likes books, songs, stories, drawing, but he doesn’t like mischief making one bit. He doesn’t cuss, spit, push and shove or holler. Why, what about the other thing? He just loves water! He likes being clean and, so, when he goes out in the neighborhood, nobody wants to play with him because he stinks of soap and toothpaste.

Worst of all, the day is coming near when all the underworld imps will go up on the earth, like they do on this day every year. Nathan really wants to meet humans, despite the scary stories he’s heard about them from grownups. Like, for instance, that they stole from them the ancient, sacred stones. Nathan does want to go to High Earth, though not uninvited. He will end up going, whether he wants to or not, and, after an unexpected turn of events, he will even be forced to spend an entire year with humans.

Then, he will come to realize that no truth is absolute.

He will discover that not all humans are bad, just like not all imps are good.

There are a great many humans of many different kinds.



Christmas: Time for Miracles

Christmas: Time for Miracles
(book with cd)

Author: Maria Papayanni
Illustrated by Eleni Tsampra


Three tender Christmas stories whose heroes and heroines are children dreaming of Santa Claus, making the craziest wishes and above all, believing in miracles.

And miracles aren't the same for everyone.

Sometimes it's a trip to the ends of the earth and sometimes a walk in your very own neighbourhood.

But what always matters in the end is that you share wonderful moments with the people you love.

"Did you see that?" Victor whispers to his friend Peeky.

"Miracles do happen and this will be the best Christmas ever! It'll be the best because we'll all be together!"


Goodnight, Mom

Goodnight, Mum, was also published that year

Author: Maria Papayanni
Illustrated by Daniela Stamatiadi


“Sleep my baby”, says mum to Matina.

“I am not sleepy yet mum”,

little Matina is working on one thousand ways to win some more time before the last goodnight, the most difficult word of the days. Her mother, with love and affection, will show her the way for the world of dreams. And when the night is over and the dreams bring her back, she promises to wait for her to give her the first hug of the day. Fellow travelers of Matina’s trio into the world of dreams are all the heroes of the classic fairy-tales-Cinderella, Little Red Ridding-hood, Snow-white, Pinochio.