for the book Shoes with Wings
“A torrent of words, images, feelings. Every page a sojourn into dreaming, reflecting. A sojourn to the depths of the soul, to the things unspoken, the terrible things hiding there which we fear being drawn out to the open in case they cause injury, in case they are injured. A book about dreams, innermost thoughts, bewilderment, fears, about people who won’t stop dreaming. A book-long poem about the greatest truth. That of the quest for the soul of our dream, love towards people, ideas, memories, traditions. A book so we don’t forget our heritage, our debt to history, to poetry, culture and to our own self. A book that is read in one fell swoop because it isn’t right to cut dreams in half, they need to come to an end, leaving that sweet aftertaste than is visible for the day’s duration, in the eyes, the face, the soul.”